Growing Products

Holland's Land O'Giants

Joel and Mari Lou Holland are local growers who have held many records over the years, including State and US records. They sell a variety of products to help growers including informational videos, quality fertilizers, and other growing supplies.

Wallace Organic Wonder

Ron Wallace is a two-time world record holder, three - time world champion. His passion for creating a organic fertilizer for extreme growth has led to Wallace Organic Wonder (WOW).  WOW offers the highest quality, mycorrhizal fungi, organic fertilizers, and compost tea brews.

Scarecrow's Pride

Scarecrow's Pride is a locally produced soil amendment that is sustainable, all natural, and organic!  The manufacturer, Krainick Ag Products, LLC, is a proud supporter of giant pumpkin growers. For more information or to find out where you can purchase it, visit their website.